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foodforlife 5 arvostelua

Good food and good service, total value for money
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foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Ravintola Primula: Wow.
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Kitzens: Have not been to this hotel/restaurant before, had a really good lunch meal, burger was just right and the food came to me on time, buffet is large(bit to large).
1050 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Ravintola Primula: New brunch list is MASSIVE, there must be over 30 items to choose from, I was very pleased the brunch changed, however not my favourite food, but my family really enjoyed the brunch as they are Fins, the smoked salmon was great and the mini blinis where fine, thank you to the staff for looking after us.
67 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Ravintola Primula: Entrecote for lunch, my wife and i had a lovley meal today, again.
36 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Trattoria Sogno: Well, where to begin.
37 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Ravintola Primula: great to see new changes in this restaurant, plated main course for lunch is a welcome sight, cold buffet table and hot food from the kitchen, still good value for money.
13 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Ravintola Primula: Burgundy stew for lunch and salad buffet, coffee for 2 and dessert.
23 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Ravintola Primula: Primula Brunch, is very relaxing and easy, very much breakfast brunch, food looked good and tasted good, service was slow, however the restaurant was busy, for a sunday morning.
54 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan KuuKuu: Strange to come to our local restaurant, again, love the food here, to see the waiting staff wearing IRISH MAGNERS CIDER black shirts, very odd to see that in a FINNISH style restaurant, and odd as we just cam back from Ireland......how odd, but we still love the great smell coming from the kitchen when we sit by the bar.......
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Trattoria Sogno: Yep a nice place however, can really taste the difference between a finnish chef and a non finnish chef, little salt maybe and more emphasis on the provancale flavours would be welcomed......
35 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Chez Dominique: Yet again PERFECT MEAL, from start to finnish.
145 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Bar & Bistro Senaatin Hiili: Very cold and open space to have an average restaurant, problem with finding the entrance, when inside, found that the waiter was in no rush to seat myself and guest, even if there was only 4 other persons in the restaurant.
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan KuuKuu: Glad to see the JÄNIS is back on the menu, great dish of finnish flavours, as always the goat cheese salad was good, looking forward to the new menu for the winter.
78 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Casa Largo: It is what it is, dog food, service was beyond slow.
62 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Gaijin: Great service, no fuss and no frills, food tasted good, however i was left feeling that i may need to go to another eatery, small portions, not worth the price.
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Lounasravintola Gardenia: Even my kids spat out the food, shame, such a beautifull place.
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Bambu: Wanted to come here as it is a new restaurant, some problems, however not all bad, will return in the near future.
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Coma: Had to go here as restaurant kuukuu was full, needed a quick lunch, next time i will go to burger place.......
10 €
foodforlife arvosteli ravintolan Ravintola Adams: A client took me here for a meeting, sadly as a new restaurant it was a joke.
24 €
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