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Great food, good atmosphere with attentive but not intrusive service.
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finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Singapore Hot Wok suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Singapore Hot Wok: A great find in the Kampi mall, fixed price rice or noodle platters with soda included for under a tenner.
10 €
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Ravintola Savu: A great venue for an outdoor meal on a sunny summer evening.
40 €
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Trattoria Rivoletto: Great range of pizzas, take the optional rucola / rocket option!
15 €
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Raku Ya: Great atmosphere if you get one of the private cabins.
45 €
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan La Cantine: Small and friendly place, actually called Le Bistrot, typically formula offering for lunch, presented well and friendly staff.
15 €
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Siltanen muistilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Zinnkeller: Went in a group, the delivery was a bit random - I had almost finished my main course by the time my friends' food arrived - but the duck was good and the Warsteiner enjoyable.
15 €
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Cafe Crustum suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Cafe Crustum: A great combination of German bakery with cafe, offering a good value Sunday brunch from 11:00-14:00.
14 €
finn-mark lisäsi arvostelijan foodargonaut seurattavaksi.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Weeruska: Good food, pleasant atmosphere but make sure you go hungry, as the portions are considerably above average size!
18 €
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Cafe Crustum muistilistalleen.
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Tamarin Etelä-Esplanadi suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Luomo: The best meal I have had anywhere in the world in 40+ years on the planet and only a few hundred metres from my apartment.
49 €
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Luomo suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Farang muistilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Saffron Cuisine: The best Indian food I have had in two years in Helsinki, though the serving staff don't know very much about it.
58 €
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Saffron Cuisine suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Mange sud: Good menu choices, with two fixed price menus and four choices for each course a la carte.
55 €

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