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Great food, good atmosphere with attentive but not intrusive service.
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finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Ravintola Bronda: A great place for a special meal.
60 €
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Korea House muistilistalleen.
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Sandro Eira suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Sandro Eira: The restaurant was surprisingly busy for a Tuesday night and they could have used a couple more staff, but those who were there were friendly.
46 €
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Il Bucatino: A very unassuming restaurant from outside, buy totally Italian in the quality and choice of dishes.
40 €
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Il Bucatino suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Salve: Great salmon soup and friendly service.
25 €
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Stefan's Steakhouse, Helsinki muistilistalleen.
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Restaurant Ask muistilistalleen.
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Pueblo Bar y Taqueria suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Pueblo Bar y Taqueria: Great carnitas, excellent nachos with guacamole, piquant salsas and very drinkable frozen margaritas.
16 €
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Gaijin: Gaijin had been on my wish list for some time, but every time I had visited Helsinki since it opened it had been fully booked.
64 €
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan La Table suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan La Table muistilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan La Table: A great meal, the restaurant was an unobstrusive backdrop to a catch-up with a good friend.
38 €
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Café Engel: I am glad to see this Helsinki landmark open again, after refurbishment of the building which lasted way too long.
13 €
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Ristorante Il Siciliano: Anticipating a relaxing end to a busy week, I ordered antipasti and a pizza.
25 €
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Farang suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark lisäsi ravintolan Dong Bei Hu - China Tiger suosikkilistalleen.
finn-mark arvosteli ravintolan Dong Bei Hu - China Tiger: DBH has been on my bookmark list for a while, as every time I have tried to get in so far, it has been fully booked.
30 €

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