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Good food shared with good friends.
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dave arvosteli ravintolan Soppakeittiö Hietalahti: Same great (and generous) bowls of delicious soup, same tasty bread, new bright airy location.
8 €
dave arvosteli ravintolan GIWA: The sushi is very inexpensive, but it's also just laid out there in a box - it tasted a bit old - drying rice, tired fish.
14 €
dave arvosteli ravintolan Domo: The lunch feels a bit more special than at other places.
14 €
dave arvosteli ravintolan Koto: The lunches are quite hearty and "meaty" - not in the sense that there is a lot of meat, but that many of them have that slow-cooked meat-broth full flavour (including the meat-free noodle dishes).
10 €
dave arvosteli ravintolan Oliva Verde: I was at first a bit disappointed when my dining companion's soup hit the table - it looked so good and hearty I wished I'd ordered it.
9 €
dave lisäsi ravintolan Pueblo Bar y Taqueria muistilistalleen.
dave lisäsi arvostelijan samin seurattavaksi.
dave arvosteli ravintolan Lemon Grass: The food here always tastes so fresh.
14 €
dave arvosteli ravintolan Kakkugalleria Bulevardi: Just the best cakes in town, with seriously good baked goods (cookies, croissants) available too.
5 €
dave lisäsi ravintolan Chef & Sommelier suosikkilistalleen.
dave arvosteli ravintolan Chef & Sommelier: This has become my favourite fine-dining restaurant.
65 €
dave arvosteli ravintolan Lupolo.
9 €
dave arvosteli ravintolan Vegemesta Sörnäinen: I tried Vegemesta after rave reviews from vegetarian friends.
9 €
dave lisäsi ravintolan Café de Nopal suosikkilistalleen.
dave arvosteli ravintolan Café de Nopal: There's something very "home-cooking" in the best possible way about Cafe de Nopal - as if someone in Mexico invited you for dinner at their house.
16 €
dave arvosteli ravintolan Ravintola blanko: This is one seriously complete brunch - a selection of different kinds of nakki and smoked fish, in addition to the cheeses, hams, salads - even multiple juices.
15 €
dave arvosteli ravintolan Tintå: Really tasty pizza, great base, quality toppings.
14 €
dave lisäsi ravintolan Tintå suosikkilistalleen.
dave arvosteli ravintolan Olo Ravintola: Really wonderful food, in many cases the combinations made familiar ingredients come together in a whole new fresh way.
76 €
dave lisäsi ravintolan Qulma muistilistalleen.

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