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porifera 76 reviews

I like restaurants that pay attention to the freshness and quality of the ingredients that they use. This is not limited to fine dining restaurants—give me a fantastic sandwich bursting with real flavor over a mediocre foie gras any day.
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porifera wishlisted Oliva Verde.
porifera reviewed restaurant Fafa's Iso Roba: Was suspicious of glowing reviews, but damn, this is definitely properly made, fresh, good food.
8 €
porifera started to follow marikoo.
porifera favorited Café Balzac.
porifera wishlisted Spis.
porifera wishlisted BLINIt.
porifera reviewed restaurant Vapiano: Surprisingly good, fresh, al dente pasta, made properly so the sauce soaks in.
porifera reviewed restaurant Hoshito: Yes, yes yes!
30 €
porifera favorited Hoshito.
porifera wishlisted Cafeteria Böle.
porifera reviewed restaurant Putte's Bar & Pizzeria: Service was personable and efficient, no problems there in my case.
porifera wishlisted Baobab.
porifera reviewed restaurant Miyako: It's funny that most sushi restaurants outside of Japan are all about the Kyoto-style clean black lines on white, wood surfaces, etc...this place reminds me more of the other heart of Japan, that old style mixed with funny kitch, like a wall made of beach-like waves with a flatscreen TV at the center, broadcasting random beachy travel videos.
porifera wishlisted Putte's Bar & Pizzeria.
porifera reviewed restaurant Ravintola Kolo: I'm always suspicious when I see a new restaurant get ratings this high right off the bat, but this place, again, deserves it.
porifera favorited Ravintola Kolo.
porifera reviewed restaurant Cafe Kasarmitori.
porifera wishlisted Hoshito.
porifera wishlisted Ravintola Kolo.
porifera reviewed restaurant Café Engel: I do miss the old Engel.

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