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Ratings information

In the beginning of Eat.fi, we did what everyone else did with reviews. We averaged them. (For example: 1+2+3=6, 6/3=2)

Over time we noticed this isn't fair. No matter how good a restaurant is, the higher the number of reviews the lower the score inevitably gets, and so a restaurant with more and higher reviews tended to actually score lower than a restaurant with fewer reviews with the same ratings.

To remedy this, we contacted some very clever people who work with numbers for a living, and with their help have devised what we now like to call Eat.fi's Secret Sauce Algorithm.

To prevent people from abusing the algorithm, we won't tell you exactly how it works. However, the basic principle is to impartially honor what the majority of reviewers think about a place, without giving individual outliers as much power over the final rating as they had before.

While no system is perfect, we believe this will make the top restaurants list reflect more accurately what the best restaurants in Finland really are.

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