Welcome to Eat.fi!

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Kokeile täysin uudistunutta Eatia nyt!

Welcome to Eat.fi!

Please note: Eat.fi was sold to MTV3 in November 2011. In November 2015 Eat.fi was sold to City Digital Oy - Stay tuned!

I started the original Eat.fi in 2005 because I really like good food, but was usually too busy or too lazy to cook. I also tended to forget to eat until most restaurants had already closed. There was a lot of information out there that I needed but could not easily get.

I wanted:

  • -- to find the places that would feed me late, and which were still open for lunch.
  • -- to know when the kitchen closed, not the restaurant. Food, not drinks.
  • -- to discover new places I hadn't been to before.
  • -- to hear what other people thought: Was it good? Was it cheap? Did you leave happy?
  • -- to give every restaurant a fair and unbiased chance to shine and attract more customers so they wouldn't go out of business in the first year.
  • -- to never again trudge halfway across town in -25ºC weather through sleet and ice to the fantastic restaurant my friend recommended but couldn't remember the name or number of but it was somewhere in Kallio beside a gas station and they make fantastic falafel, really authentic, you won't believe it until you try it, I think it's in this next block I swear or was it the one after that on a side street...only to find it closed for renovations.

So I developed the original Eat.fi. But over time, as it grew more popular, it became increasingly obvious that I had a choice to make; keep it as a little Helsinki-only site, or give it a chance to grow into something more robust and mature. So after exactly a year of development, we have finally come up with this, the original Eat.fi's shiny new big brother, built entirely from the ground up to look better, work better, and be far more expandable in the future.

Hope you like it!

Now go eat.

-- Tina Aspiala
Helsinki 2008

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